Celebrities at Restaurante Los Caracoles

In 1835, the Bofarull family founded one of the most charismatic restaurants in the city, Can Bofarull, in the most emblematic part of the Gothic District, near Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Over time, the restaurant was renamed in honor of one of its most famous dishes, Los Caracoles (Snails). Since then, four more generations of the Bofarull family have managed to maintain the excellent standard of its high quality traditional cooking.

The restaurant's well-earned fame has spread all over the world and is now an absolute must for all those visiting our city. It stands out for always having been a place frequented by famous personalities from the world of art, show business, politics and finance, attracted not only by the choice of culinary pleasures served, but for the charm of its numerous little corners so full of history. AII this work has been duly rewarded by the affection people feel for the place and by being awarded the Medal of Merit for Tourism.

Charlton Heston

Lenny Kravitz

Jimmy Carter

Robert De Niro

Giorgio Armani

Joan Miró

Ernest Borgnine

Salvador Dalí y Gala

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